Today is the day when my new book ‘Crew in Crisis’ is finally published! As someone who has often dreamt of getting a book published, whenever it happens is special, a bit like a birthday I guess.
You may be wondering who the author of this book is. Well, let me say HI and welcome you to my new blog. I’m someone who has been writing most of my life and, recently, has focused a lot of my time in order to get books completed and published. This one, Crew in Crisis, is the third book I’ve had published and the first one for Young Adults.
There’s something wonderful about getting a book out there, although I know that people who read it might have questions about it, perhaps even disagree with some aspects of what the book is about. The best thing, though, is when my readers tell me they’ve enjoyed reading it and maybe found it helpful in some way. So, if you have comments you’d like to share then please do so! I’ll be interested to know what you think.
Crew in Crisis links with climate change which is often discussed today. I guess you’ll know something about it and how urgent the situation across the planet appears to be right now. However, the book is NOT where you should go if you want to research climate change, I have to say. But if you want to read an adventure story which has links to this issue, then it could be for you! As a writer I enjoy seeing my characters come to life on the page – hopefully they will for you as well- and taking them to places where things happen, often unexpectedly.
Anyway, the book is out there and it is my hope that many young people across the U.K. and beyond will read and enjoy it. I also hope it’s a story which gives some hope at a time when many are finding the world a difficult place to live; the future might seem uncertain but young people have the potential to transform the planet into something better. Yes, there’s a bit of that in the book as well for those who like that sort of thing. And motor-bikes, which might be a roaring success…

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