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Martin F. Smith has been schoolteacher both in the UK and Africa and has recently concentrated more of his time on writing a variety of stories, poems and songs.His first book, Treasure Tree, was published in 2014 and this was followed by Mystery Tour with Treasure Tree in 2019. They were both published by Onwards and Upwards publishers.Martin enjoys reading, listening to and playing music, and watching a variety of sports. He has occasionally travelled abroad, including an enjoyable holiday in New Zealand.

about the book

My name is Marcus or ‘no mates’ as some children at school have labelled me, and I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand, where the water surrounds us and sports of all sorts are enjoyed.I had got so used to having no friends that the day I finally found one was special, and slightly slightly embarrassing. Also, it was the day I learned shocking lessons about planet Earth which made having friends to share them with all the more important. Soon we were introduced to MestNed, a company that was having a big impact on the environment. When we discovered what they were really up to, my friends and I decided we had to do something about it! Only trouble was, we were up against one of the most powerful companies in the world and we were just children.Winning seemed as likely as my dog, Muffin, flying to the moon!On my own, I wouldn’t have even tried… Now, I had friends, well, that made all the difference. Even so, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.



Some young people don’t find it easy to make friends. Maybe they’re too shy to say much or just prefer their own company. Well, in Martin Smith’s new book ‘Crew in Crisis’ we meet Marcus who is som ........



Here’s an interesting question linked to Crew in Crisis which someone asked me this week: Why is it set in New Zealand? In case you’re wondering, I’m based in the U.K. so it might have made more se ........


Today is the day when my new book ‘Crew in Crisis’ is finally published! As someone who has often dreamt of getting a book published, whenever it happens is special, a bit like a birthday I guess. ........


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