Some young people don’t find it easy to make friends. Maybe they’re too shy to say much or just prefer their own company. Well, in Martin Smith’s new book ‘Crew in Crisis’ we meet Marcus who is something of a loner, much to the amusement of his sister and concern of his mum.

But he also cares. Firstly for his dog Muffin, then for his family and also for Planet Earth. Marcus is very grateful when he does eventually make some good friends. Together they enjoy adventures which Marcus couldn’t have imagined on his own – yet they aren’t without their challenges!

So as you grow up in a world where alarm-bells are ringing about the environment, why not travel with Marcus and his mates as they approach some of these issues head on? Their involvement does, of course, have consequences which are serious, perhaps even life-changing, but at least they have each other to depend on. Or that’s what Marcus believes, anyway…

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